About us

BTS inspires us in many ways and this is how we planned to give back love to co-ARMY’s. We started this page with a motto to give affordable merch to Co-ARMY’s. Most of our products are handmade or designed by our own hands. Hope the products and packaging brighten up your day just like how your order brightens ours💜

Our Story
When we couldn't find affordable BTS merch, we came up with this shop💜

When we started stanning BTS we were always eagerly waiting for them to visit India or atleast ship their merch. But both of these wishes seemed very far! During BTS 8th anniversary, we all army’s met and exchanged our handmade photocards which gave us immense happiness n pleasure. That is when we decided to spread this love to our fellow armys. Now here we are waiting to spread our love to you as well…Not just with our products but also with our community where no one will ever judge you for what you are, instead encourage you to take a step ahead

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Get your products delivered without any hassles at the comfort of your home with most affordable shipping rates.

High quality Products

Every product is quality tested before its packed to ensure you embrace it the most💜

Made with Saarang

Each n Every order is packed with loadz of love and FREEEBIEESS💜(I mean who does’t love freebies?)


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