Who is BTS?

BTS is the greatest boy band in the world hailing from South Korea. The septet has a Leader RM aka Kim Namjoon, Jin aka Kim Seokjin, Suga aka Min Yoongi, J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok, Jimin aka Park Jimin, V aka Kim Taehyung and JK aka Jeon Jungkook.

These Cultural envoys and Pride of South Korea, formed a group in 2010 and debuted on June 13th,2013. The Grammy-nominated artists have won infinite number of awards for their amazing contribution to music industry breaking the language barriers across the world. Artist of the Year 2021 of American Music Awards started a campaign called “Love yourself” in 2018 to promote Self-love among the teenagers and adolescents(especially) with a goal of reducing the young suicide rate. 4 years into the campaign and it’s still running successfully💜 They are able to inspire groups from kids to elderly to feel the essence of life through their music💜They recently joined Instagram with their own ID’s and took down many records of achieving 16M followers in less than 24 hours. They have set a benchmark for the music world which makes them irreplaceable. Not just limiting themselves to music they also create entertainment with shows like Run BTS, BTS In the Soop, Bon Voyage where members can be known personally. The fandom calls themselves as A.R.M.Y’s which stands for A- Adorable, R- Representative, M- M.C, Y- for Youth!

This is just an overview about the KINGS of Music industry. Follow us for more blogs 💜

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