S2 Episode 4 collection


Photocards are love💜

Introducing our fav show BTS In The Soop S2 collection🌳

~ Printed front & back

~ 8.4 cm * 5.6 cm

~ Glossy 300 GSM

Can choose between 4 options:

~ Set of 7

~ Set of 17(Episode collection)

~ Customized(Set of 7)

~ Whole set of In the soop S2(set of 70)

Comes in a seed paper envelope and a thank you card which can be planted after use!

Photocards is ARMY’s most fav next to BTS. We have designed these photocards with utmost love to offer best quality(300 GSM). In the Soop series has always been an absolute healer for both BTS & ARMY’s. We have made a cute collection for every episode’s best moments. Hope you like it 🙂 If you have some other collection in mind(set of 7) do select customization option and mail your HD collection to!


Customized(Set of 7), Episode set(set of 17), Set of 7, Whole set of In the soop S2( Set of 70)


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