Tae-Tae Birthday Pack


Our Tae-Tae Pack contains:

-Run BTS edition filmstrip

-5 Premium Glossy Photocards

-Easel stand(18.5 cm * 11 cm)

-A6 Poster(1 or 2)

-2 Polaroid 600(Customizable)

-2 Mini Polaroids(Customizable)

-V Sticker pack(Containing 12 stickers all 4cm+)

-2 V Photo Bookmarks with satin

-Butter Holiday Bookmark with spotify code!

-Loadz of freebies

-Packed in a seed paper envelope which can be planted after use🍀

~In case you want other members pack in this version, you can select “Customized” option in the drop-down box!

Our world’s most handsome Man V also known as Tae-tae for his cuteness, has always showcased the highest level of creativity and out of the box thinking which inspires every single army. This pack was designed to make you feel the same, to boost your creativity with tae-tae. Decorate you room with this cute pack and showcase your Creativity. This 26th birthday of V, se #AsCreativeAsV and upload your pictures…Spread the love n creativity!


Customized pack, Tae-Tae pack


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